Sassi di Matera and Flowers l'Affaccio dell'Abate Holiday Home

Information on Covid-19

Sassi di Matera and Flowers l'Affaccio dell'Abate Holiday Home

As a non-entrepreneurial holiday home we follow the procedures indicated for our category.

Given that the virus loses its infectious load when it is no longer in the air, we proceed as described below.

Air exchange in the apartment left by the previous guest; cleaning of places and objects, paying particular attention to the dishes and surfaces; after the usual cleaning we proceed with the use of chemical products with a virus-killing action.

In particular chlorine and alcohol based products for hard surfaces and steam for fabrics. For air conditioners cleaning, we have added the H.A.C.C.P. products for the anti-legionella prophylaxis (glucosan P).

The apartment also has excellent air exchange which is the best guarantee of air heathiness. Between the departure of a guest and the arrival of the next one, we make sure that more than three hours pass, the time necessary for an optimal air exchange.
We provide a set of useful products for cleaning and disinfection (ace, alcohol, soap, disposable gloves and wipes) for our guests.